Client Testimonials

I've done it! I can't believe I've done it! After 30 years of having a phobia about eating fish I have eaten some. With some hypnosis from Mapping Minds I'm so proud of myself! My family will be shocked.


What a talent! Seeing friends of mine simply take a new persona was enough but knowing Jason's talents he's become one hell of an entertainer!! Great show at the Lil Red Roar Festival - had everyone talking!

Adam - Lil Red Roar Festival

I'm confident that I'll be able to get through the situation, which is like 1000 times better than I ever would have felt before so I just wanted to say thank you!

You'll probably never understand how much you have helped someone like me or how you have helped my life for the better. I'm just so grateful


I've recently started smoking again which is a very stupid move.
I've known Jason professionally for a number of years and have always trusted him and find that he acts with integrity. He explained he could help my smoking issue with Hypnotherapy so I gave it a try.
Much to my surprise I've now not smoked for 5 days with no cravings and for the first time in a number of years have no desire to smoke.
I'd happily recommend Jason.
Thanks Jason, you've helped take away a 30 year tobacco desire in under 30 minutes and for that I shall always be in your debt.


Once the session was up I honestly instantly felt different. I no longer had that crippling feeling of anxiety and fear of searching his name on social media (something I felt every single time before). I didn’t have that lingering thought in my head about my ex partner once we’d stopped talking about it.
It has been just under a week now since my session and I really feel different. I don’t feel tied to my previous relationship anymore, I don’t have that little voice in the back of my head praying for things to go back and us still be together - I finally feel like I can accept what happened and move forward!
I’m so happy I agreed to try hypnosis because I genuinely can say this has changed my life because this problem had been really affecting my mental health (something which is an issue currently without this weight I felt holding me back as well). I feel a lot lighter and much more positive looking at my own future and feel positive that I can now be open to the future and hopefully great relationships to come!


Wow thank you Mapping Minds today was my first ever Hypnosis and I can’t believe how different I feel hours after thank you again