Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Jason Simmons, Hypnotist, magician and mentalist. I've been interested in hypnosis and entertainment for many years. 

Performing as a musical comic, using my bespoke, hand-made, double-necked guitar, I entertained a wide demographic and performed alongside a number of high profile comedians in a variety of venues including pubs, clubs, sports clubs & societies, masonic halls restaurants and theatres performing to audiences between 50 and 500 people. 

I had been reading into the subject of hypnosis for many years and had been interested ever since I'd volunteered for a hypnosis show back in 2004. 

In 2008 I had the opportunity to learn hypnosis and after performing shows to my friends and family I began applying the skills I had aquired as a comic and applied them to my stage shows. 

In 2013 I discovered that hypnosis could also be applied in a therapeutic setting, removing invisible barriers from people enabling them the freedom to enjoy their lives in a new way following brief interventions. 

Since then I continue to see clients both in person and via skype to release them from the things that are holding them back, including motivation, weight loss, PTSD/ trauma, smoking cessation, confidence & much more. 

Why work with me?

Here's 5 reasons!

1) I have a vast experience ensuring that I provide you with the best action plan either therapeutically or in an entertainment setting. 

2) I genuinely care about my clients and want the best for them whether I'm seeing them in a therapeutic setting, if I'm training/ teaching them hypnosis or whether I'm performing a show in their venue. 

3) I've seen people who are in the same boat as you and I know that it can be tough feeling as if no one understands and like I've helped them regain control of their life, I'm going to help you. 

4) I've been a hypnotherapist for many years successfully helping people to make changes and move forward in a positive way to enhance their lives. 

5) I will make sure you have success in whatever it is we work together on be it a show, a therapeutic goal or a teaching session.