Hypnosis Training

You may be visiting this page because you're interested in learning the wonderful skill of hypnosis. Maybe you're already performing hypnosis and you're looking for other inductions to add to your repertoire or maybe you're just starting out on your journey into the world of hypnosis. 

If so, a hypnosis course is the perfect way for you to hone your skills or to learn some new techniques, whilst also meeting and networking with other like-minded people. 

Who is the course aimed at?

Our one day course is aimed at students of all abilities so whether you're a hypnotherapist that is looking to extend their skills or you've never performed hypnosis before we're sure you'll find value in one of our courses. 

As hypnotists/ hypnotherapists we're often asked to demonstrate the power of hypnosis. Our approach combined with the inductions we'll be covering on the day will give you the tools to do just that! 

The day is very practical and YOU WILL be HYPNOTISING people over the course of the day. 

What will I get from this course? 

By attending this course you'll be able to confidently and quickly hypnotise people in any place, at any time. There's a huge advantage to attending a hypnosis course over watching Youtube videos, DVD's or reading books. 

You'll be gaining hands on, practical experience in a live setting, where you'll be shown how to deliver the techniques to maximum effect. 

Why train with Mapping Minds? 

There are many other excellent trainers, teaching various styles of hypnosis. So you may be asking yourself why train with us? 

All our trainers at Mapping Minds are performing Stage and Street Hypnotists and are actively performing hypnosis shows for private & public events on a regular basis. You'll be learning the techniques and approaches that we use in our street and stage shows first hand. These techniques are tried and tested so if they work for us, they'll work for you. 

In addition to this the Mapping Minds team regularly host a meeting within and around London where we encourage all who attend to participate in hypnosis. Our aim is to make you 'the hypnotist' and we're committed to your development, so you can join our support network to ensure that you're continuing in your journey towards being a performing hypnotist. 

Hypnosis for performers workshop

 Sunday 7th October 2018

£125.00 Reduced to £75.00

(if booked before the 30th August)