Stage Shows

Are you looking for an interesting/ alternative form of entertainment in a venue you run? Perhaps you have a celebration such as a birthday, a wedding or another event where you feel that you want to add something extra. You may even be running a charity event where you're tired of the same old acts?

If you answered yes, to either of the above then why not consider hosting your own stage hypnosis show? Hypnotist Jason Simmons will make your guests the stars of the evening taking them on a journey into the depths of their minds, stripping back the layers of their perceived realities.

Willing volunteers will be transported into sunnier climbs, and may even experience performing in an orchestra or boxing like Mike Tyson as they participate in this family friendly, non-offensive show that will engage your guests in ways that will amaze and delight them in equal measure. 

Instead of booking the same old acts, why not book a hypnosis show that will have your friends, relatives or colleagues talking about it for many years to come?