The use of hypnotherapy has been documented for many centuries aiding individuals to quickly make changes within themselves on an unconscious, automatic level.

Using brief, solution based interventions I can help you to 

  • Remove unnecessary fears, emotional states or worries. 

  • Reduce, minimise or even eliminate the effects of PTSD and trauma.

  • Achieve the goals in your life to allow you to have the body you want. 

  • Improve focus, confidence and performance in your professional and personal life. 

  • Discover techniques that will assist you in making positive changes to your life. 

Working with me our initial meet/ conversation would be conducted either via telephone or during a brief Zoom/ Skype meeting followed by three to five sessions either in person or on Zoom/ Skype with follow up support if required. 

I have been seeing clients for a number of years and I have helped people to overcome experiences that have plagued them for a large part of their lives. There are times when the therapeutic process works very quickly, other times where we have more work to do and there are occasions where I may be unable to help. If this is the case I will always refer you to someone I feel may be better suited to meet your individual needs. It is my aim that you find value in working with me and that you find benefit from the first session and I'll always advise how long I envisage us working together to get the results that you'd like to achieve. 

If you'd like to make the first step and regain control, I can show you how. I'm based in Kent and London however, in certain circumstances I will travel to work with a client or make arrangements to conduct our sessions via Zoom/ Skype. All enquiries will be treated in confidence. 

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