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10 Tips For Successful Street Hypnosis

A recent night out with some other hypnotists.

As you begin to venture into the wonderful world of hypnosis you may wish to start testing out some techniques or inductions? You may have tried things out with your family and now you're looking for something more challenging.

Street hypnosis is a great way of testing yourself and can be quite daunting at first however, with the tips from our experience below we're sure you'll be finding out what a brilliant experience the street can be.

1. Location, Location, Location!!

Choose your location wisely. If people are moving from place to place they're probably not going to be interested in participating in hypnosis (Their loss). In our experience we've found the best places to find willing subjects are often where people are relaxing. Personally, I find bars or smoking areas during the evening and parks if the weather is nice during the day. People are often settled and they're more likely to participate and enhance their evening.

2. Be prepared for rejection

Rejection is part of being a performer. To steal a phrase from the famous Bob Burns; Some will, some won't, so what? OK Bob uses this in the context of therapy however, some people will be interested, some won't and at the end of the day so what? If you get rejected at one table or place, just move on and find someone else.

Remember to always be polite if someone refuses because you never know they may not refuse the next time.