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Why Women Are More Likely To Suffer With Anxiety Than Men

Anxiety can take many forms. It may be a general feeling of unease, you may experience fears or worries. These feelings can either be mild or they can be so severe that they begin to affect your daily function.

ca recent study conducted globally which was aimed at providing a snap shot of the prevalence of anxiety disorders found that women were almost twice as likely to suffer with anxiety than men. The report found that women are also more likely to suffer from other mental health problems such as depression.

The reason for these gender differences is not entirely clear and some researchers believe that the findings may be exaggerated because women may be more likely than men to see a physician if they are feeling unwell.

Hormonal differences are cited as a major contributing factor. Compared to men women experience more fluctuation in hormone levels than men that are associated with symptoms of depression.

Women tend to be more involved in relationships than men and reports have found that women often find it difficult juggling job and family responsibilities. A major European study covering over 30 countries with a combined population of 514 million people recently reported that depression in middle-aged women had doubled in 40 years because of these pressures. Women between the ages of 25 and 40 were three to four times more likely to become depressed than men.

Anxiety can be triggered by a number of factors including, stress, hormonal imbalances, physical conditions and even genetic background.