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Setting Up A Stage Hypnosis Show

Stage hypnotism is a great way of promoting your business and above all else it can be a really fun way of demonstrating hypnotic phenomena. It's also a great form of alternative entertainment and most of the venues we've approached have been interested in putting a night on.

Here we share some of the things that you may need to set up a hypnosis show


If you're just starting out and you're looking to perform your first show, finding a good venue is key to having a good show. It helps if the hypnosis show is in a separate room because the venue owner (or you) can sell tickets to the event and the people that attend have invested in the night so they are less likely to heckle or be obstructive however, it's not a deal breaker if it's not.

We'd recommend finding a venue that has good transport links and preferably one that has a decent customer base to begin with because it will make it easier for you or the owner to sell tickets to the night. Other bonuses would be a decent stage, lighting and sound system provided by the venue but, these aren't always available.

If you've been performing for some time you may be asked to perform either by an agency or by the venue itself.

Of course, if you're booked to perform at a venue you have little choice as to whether it's a good venue however, you can do all you can to set up the night so that it has the best chance of going well.

Get to the venue early so that you can set up the evening and talk to the staff/punters. You can already be building an interest in the show and finding out who is likely volunteer.

Some performers that are booked in this way don't see setting up the venue as being part of their job. We believe that you're paid to put on a show and it's your job to put yourself in a position where the show can go as well as possible. From my years as a comic I've