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Hypnotists who have Influenced & inspired my work

In this week's blog post we thought we'd share the hypnotists/ hypnotherapists that have influenced the work that we do in both a stage and a therapy setting. There are many fantastic hypnotists/hypnotherapists doing some great work in the field of hypnosis, too many to mention here.

This list isn't extensive and there are many others that have done and do continue to change the way that we think about the subject of hypnosis. The names mentioned below are the hypnotists that got me started on my journey and those whose techniques I regularly use either on the street/stage or in the therapy room.

Anthony Jacquin

When I first started researching hypnosis, head hacking was the first training provider I came across. The work of the team which then included Anthony Jacquin, Kevin Sheldrake, Amit Badiani and Marcus Lewis, was innovative and exciting and it re-formed a lot of ideas around hypnosis.

Reality is Plastic by Anthony Jacquin was the first book I ever purchased on the subject of hypnosis. The routines in the above video are detailed in this book and the book is great as it breaks down the process of hypnosis. If it's not in your collection already I'd seriously recommend adding it. You can buy it from the link below:

In this week's blog post I share some of the hypnotists that have influenced the work that I do both on the street/stage and in the therapy room.

I'd love to hear your positive training experiences and influences so feel free to share in the comments as there may be someone that I or someone who is reading this hasn't trained with yet that they may consider in the future.

I had the pleasure of training with Anthony some time ago and it was Anthony Jacquin's approach that first got me started in hypnosis and took me from being someone who thought about doing hypnosis to someone that is a hypnotist.

Bob Burns