My 5 Favourite Hypnosis Skits

This week I've been spending some time reviewing the content of my show and coming up with some new ideas that I feel may set my show apart from the rest.

When I first started performing hypnosis my skits were predominantly 'standard' routines that have been performed in one form or another for many decades if not centuries.

As part of the process of discovering new material I thought I'd head to YouTube for some inspiration and see what's already out there and how I may put my own spin on it. This lead me to this week's blog where I'm sharing my 5 favourite hypnosis routines. These routines are highly entertaining and many of them peaked my interest in hypnosis. They are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy them and I'd love to know what your favourites are.

Mark Savard - Belt Snake

I love this routine and I've actually performed a version of it on one of my shows. In the wrong hands this routine can be quite dangerous and can also cause the subject to experience an abreaction (you can find out how to deal with them on one of my other blogs here). Marc's experience and control really sell this routine and the subjects are always safe in his hands.

Anthony Jacquin - Hypno Survival

Although this is technically a series of skits, it's still one of my favourite videos to watch and I've watched this many times. When I first became interested in performance hypnosis I came across this video and I was amazed at how people reacted to the suggestions that were being given. My favourite skit in this video is the guy in the bar who believes that Anthony is Denzel Washington.

This was probably the video where I realised that I wanted to be a hypnotist and I always refer back to it. What's even better is that some of the routines in this video are explained in Anthony's book: Reality is Plastic, if you want an insight into them I'd highly recommend this book.

One of the first successes I had as a hypnotist was getting a bar maid to believe that a 60 year old man was Selena Gomez. She bought him a drink and asked for his autograph afterwards.

Justin Tranz - Fancy the Hypnotist

The above video is from one of Justin's stage shows. This is one of the funniest skits I've seen and I particularly like when the guy with the stripy shirt gets up to dance with Justin.

I'd really like to have something like this in a show in future however, I'll look to put a different spin on it to what I've seen before.

Matt Hale - Talking Wookie

Comedy hypnotist Matt Hale hypnotises 2 people to believe that they can only communicate in the wookie language live on television. I saw Matt's chicken free tour a couple of years ago when he was touring the UK and it was a fantastic show.

This routine is a spin on the talking alien or talking in a foreign language skit however, I really like how this was contemporary and a fresh approach to the original. I've performed the alien and translator routine a few times and you can have some real laughs with what they come back with. I had one guy explain in full detail what he enjoyed doing most (in an alien tounge) only for the translator to refuse to tell us what he had said because there were kids present.

Sean Michael Andrews - Dandruff Inspector

Worlds fastest hypnotist demonstrates a modern spin on an old classic performing a 'dandruff inspector' instead of the old 'elbow inspector.'

This video landed in my inbox the other day and had me laughing out loud. I've actually performed the elbow inspector routine on a number of occasions and it's really funny watching someone walk around the room making sure everyone's elbows are functioning correctly. I've often had them do another lap to check the other elbow in the past.

There were my 5 favourite skits, there are many, many others that I enjoy but, these are always the ones that spring to mind when I'm asked this question.

What are your favourite skits or routines? I'd be really interested to know so feel free to either message me or to drop a comment below.

Jason Simmons is the author of the forthcoming book: Tranceformation: A Mindset for Chage.

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