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My 5 Favourite Hypnosis Skits

This week I've been spending some time reviewing the content of my show and coming up with some new ideas that I feel may set my show apart from the rest.

When I first started performing hypnosis my skits were predominantly 'standard' routines that have been performed in one form or another for many decades if not centuries.

As part of the process of discovering new material I thought I'd head to YouTube for some inspiration and see what's already out there and how I may put my own spin on it. This lead me to this week's blog where I'm sharing my 5 favourite hypnosis routines. These routines are highly entertaining and many of them peaked my interest in hypnosis. They are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy them and I'd love to know what your favourites are.

Mark Savard - Belt Snake

I love this routine and I've actually performed a version of it on one of my shows. In the wrong hands this routine can be quite dangerous and can also cause the subject to experience an abreaction (you can find out how to deal with them on one of my other blogs here). Marc's experience and control really sell this routine and the subjects are always safe in his hands.

Anthony Jacquin - Hypno Survival