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Horse Riding - Staying Safe This Season

Sunday 25th March marks National Equestrian Safety Day and to mark our sponsorship with Danielle Letherby of Leg Up For Talent we thought we'd explore some tips for staying safe this season.

There are dangers associated with horse riding particularly in hunting, point to point or eventing, where quite sizeable obstacles are often jumped opening up the possibility of quite a bad fall.

Falls are the most common cause of injury and are sometimes as a result of the riders own error. Horses are large, heavy animals and the weight of a horse falling on a rider can often cause as much injury as the fall itself.

There are also a number of horse related accidents whilst riders are riding on the road. Horse and Hound Magazine stated that there have been 38 rider and 222 horse fatalities on Britain's roads since 2010. Many of the accidents are avoidable because drivers are often travelling at speed, too close or both.

It is not easy to gain a complete overview about the dangers of horse riding.

The British Horse Society says there are no centrally collated figures on horse riding injuries. There is no obligation to notify the society about any incident.

There are a number of ways that you can remain safe whilst riding to lessen the impact or potential to cause harm if you experience a fall.

1. Be Alert