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Are You Letting Forums Clip Your Wings?

It's a great time to be alive, well at least in terms of technology. I now have more technology and information in my trousers than I had throughout the 80's!! The 80's was also a great time to be alive, we had 4 whole channels to choose from, CD's and shell suits!!

What we didn't have was a raft of information at our fingertips. Instead you had to rely on either your parents having an answer or hoping that someone hadn't ripped the relevant section out of the book in the library. It was even more difficult if you had an interest in something that wasn't the norm particularly something as obscure as hypnosis. My first experience of hypnosis was sending off for a book in the back of the Loot. I still remember it arriving the book itself was very primitive and looked like it had been hand-written.

Jump forward to 2018 and if I want to know about hypnosis I simply type hypnosis into Google (other search engines are available). There's a whole host of information at my fingertips and now I don't even need a computer, I can search for exactly the same material on my smart phone. There's also an abundance of videos teaching hypnosis on YouTube (Other video streaming websites are available).

However, with this wealth of information there is also a lot of mis-information. To quote Abraham Lincoln - The internet is fast becoming a cesspool of false information. See what I did there? There are now tonnes of forums on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit where the new hypnotist/ hypnotherapist can ask questions and draw upon a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Having said that, there's also a lot of rubbish to trawl through which can make it difficult for a newbie to navigate and work out the wheat from the chaff. There are many ideas and arguments around the subject of hypnosis, whether it's a state, whether there are different levels and even whether hypnosis even exists.

Assuming you've had training with a reputable provider you should be well equipped to tackle most things you see/ hear within the therapy room, in the street or on the stage. Having said that, there will always be the odd case or query that you may need further guidance on. You may be tempted to ask away on a forum however, buyer beware not only may you be bombarded with a load of information you may also be subject to a number of accusations of not being a very good therapist or &#x