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Hypnosis 101 - How to Hypnotise

A question I'm often asked is how do you hypnotise someone? There are several steps in the hypnosis process which are particularly useful if you're looking to carry out hypnosis either for street or stage performances. In this week's blog I'll be looking at the steps that I take when going through the process of hypnotising someone.


The first thing is to set out your stall and perform your pre-talk with your prospective volunteers. A pre-talk establishes who you are, what you do and briefly describes what hypnosis is. Your pre-talk will vary in length depending on whether you're doing a stage performance or a street performance. For example my street pre-talk goes something like:

Hi, I haven't met you yet, have I? My name's Jason and I'm a hypnotist, what do you think hypnosis is?

By asking the question, it gives them time to answer what they believe hypnosis is and then I can tailor my response to align with their expectations. This also gives me the opportunity to quell any misconceptions or concerns that they may have.

Street and impromptu performances often have small windows of opportunity and people usually want to see something quick.

For a stage performance your pre-talk would generally be longer and may include examples of people that you don't want volunteering from a safety perspective as well as a more thorough description of what hypnosis is.

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